Corporate Sponsorship Program

The PSE Miami Chapter, located at Miami University, is excited to offer a corporate sponsorship package. Our corporate sponsorship is broken up into 3 levels:  Amethyst, Silver, and Gold. Each level has certain benefits. These benefits then rollover as the levels increase. For example, the benefits of the Amethyst Partnership are also included in the Silver Partnership.

Amethyst Partnership – $500

  • The sponsor’s logo and name will be on the back of each member’s recruitment T-shirts
  • The sponsor’s logo and name will be displayed at the end of each recruitment video
  • A short intro to the sponsor will be displayed on the PSE Miami website
  • A booklet that includes each member’s resume will be given to the sponsor

Silver Partnership – $1,000

  • Opportunity to speak to the chapter
  • Sponsors will receive a reserved opportunity to speak to the chapter once a year
  • Sponsors will receive an official annual report where the chapter’s achievements, projects, and awards will be outlined

Gold Partnership – $2,000

  • 360° collaborative meeting:
    • The chapter will perform a 360° meeting where all members will collaborate on an issue that is presented by the sponsor. The chapter will brainstorm different solutions that we will then present back to the sponsor
  • The sponsor will be recognized as a contributor and supporter of one of our Philanthropic events
    • These events include Date Auction, 5K, and Cabaret Night. Some of the philanthropic organizations that PSE Miami supports are the Karen Wellington Foundation and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital among others
  • Sponsors will be recognized as contributors to the Trenton Haack Memorial Fund Scholarship
    • This scholarship is presented by the National Organization and is rewarded to a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon in memory of PSE Miami alumni and Alumni Advisor Trenton Haack

 For more information, please contact Alex Polinsky at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 Alex Polinsky

Alex Polinsky
Vice President of Finance