Dr. Donald Norris has served as faculty advisor to the Miami University chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon for the last 28 years. To say he’s simply an advisor, however, is a vast understatement. Under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Don, PSE has thrived as one of the premier groups of professionals on Miami’s campus. Provided below is a brief chronology of how PSE has transformed throughout the Dr. Don era. 


The Beginning

Ed Simpson founded the Gamma Gamma chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon in 1975 and remained as faculty advisor until the leadership changed hands to Jim Stearns, who was head of the marketing department at the time. Professor Stearns was needed elsewhere and Dr. Don took over in 1987. It was Dr. Don’s first year as a faculty member at Miami University.


The 1st Decade

Prior to 1987, Pi Sigma Epsilon’s Miami University’s chapter held a reputation that was much different than what it holds today. Simply put, it was just another student organization that valued the party environment more than the competitive business environment– the true reason that these students joined PSE. Dr. Don envisioned a goal for the chapter, took a stand, and led the way towards hopeful successes in the future.


The 2nd Decade

Shortly after the leadership transition, the Gamma Gamma chapter began to receive valuable attention due to Dr. Don’s clear determination. He began to build up a relationship with each member by providing selfless mentorship and motivation. His true priority was to help each individual develop competitive business skills. Members realized the extensive effort he put forth for the organization. A solid team was finally created. All members were passionate to work towards one common goal– become the best chapter in the nation.

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 The Paternal Motivator

As PSE began to take shape as a formidable sales organization, opportunities to take on greater projects began to flow from recent graduates. Alumni would move onto Fortune 500 companies and recognize the benefit of the projects they worked on in PSE and PSE began to see a larger pool of projects flowing in. This was all driven by Dr. Don who pushed, encouraged, and motivated the entire chapter to do well on these projects, which soon snowballed into greater and greater opportunities.


The Next Decade


A new era had begun. The machine that Dr. Don had built, began to be nationally recognized at competitions across the nation. At the regional level, the Gamma Gamma chapter has won first place in the North Central Regional competition a plethora of times. The tides dramatically changed in 1998 when the chapter won the Lewis F. Gordon Top Gold Chapter for 7 consecutive years, from 1998 to 2005. Gamma Gamma held this title among 55 other national chapters. Dr. Don continues to express his determination and focus to help each member develop their skills to compete in the business world.

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An Unstoppable Duo

Now, in 2015, PSE welcomes our second faculty advisor, Prof. Patrick Lindsay. Professor Lindsay is remarkably well-versed in the areas of professional selling and sales management, and we’re honored to turn to him for guidance, leadership, and little bit of softball coaching.